UMMC Cup went to Samara


In the final match, with a score of 4: 3, he beat an athlete from Kazan Danila Travin. UMMC players Maxim Kiselev and Konstantin Chernov played only for the bronze medal. Finally, Kiselev won. For the first time in three years of the tournament, the Cup went out from Verkhnaya Pyshma. Chernov in pair with Travin won Kiselev and Isakov.

“I always try to play in a relaxed manner, because playing with tension will not give success. It is all about the head, I think only about match, how I win my rival. I don’t think about failure, probably that’s why I managed to win” – commented his victory Lev Volin.

“The youth is our perspective, first of all we are interested in our little kids developing. This is a tournament for young people, they have the opportunity to get practice in good conditions, because it is an international event. I think it is very important for sport result”, - said Vera Zakopailova, Deputy Director of General Issues of UMMC-Holding Social Projects. Next year the tournament will be held again, moreover girls under 21 may also take part in it.

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